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        As Carmie and I have opportunities to share the good news with others that "You Don't Have To Be Sick!" this one thought continually comes to mind:  we all must keep learning, reading, listening and watching tapes about health and healthy living.  This past month we were re-watching some videos by Doctor Day and were reminded of some basic facts that we knew, but they were no longer fresh on our minds.  This brings me to a question for you:  Are you as healthy as you want to be?  What are you doing to be the best you can be?
        The people that we have met that are achieving the most in life are what I call "self starters."  They research, read, study, and dig for information until they are confident that they have the answers they seek.  Others can answer questions for you, but there is no substitute for discovering for yourself, being satisfied that you have the complete, accurate truth.  The results of personal research stays fresh in your mind far longer than an answer someone else gives you.  Also, you know the sources you studied and can assign credence to those you have found trustworthy in the past.
        Now some suggestions for sources of information.  Do you have a "Living Well" booklet from AIM?  This is a simple source to identify physical needs, and it suggests AIM products which many have found helpful.  Many other books and booklets we like are quite easy to read and understand, yet contain a wealth of information.  Consider Recipes For Life-- a combination teaching text and healthy recipe book.  Carmie's booklet, The Junk Food Lover's Step-by-Step Guide To Healthier Eating, not only describes the unhealthy foods but offers healthier alternative choices.
        Some wonderful videotapes include A Diet For All Reasons which clearly shows the disastrous results of too much meat consumption, and the fact that our body doesn't have to have the quantity of meat most Americans eat in order to be healthy.  All of Doctor Day's videos are packed with information about beating cancer and essentially all diseases.  Another favorite book and tape, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, is by Douglas Graham, D.C., trainer of world class athletes, who shows the power and endurance achieved by the raw vegetarian diet.  The list of quality audio tapes includes Doctor Joel Robbins' teaching on  "Children and the Hallelujah Diet."  We also listen to various doctors, nutritionists, and health practitioners who describe how they have discovered the road to health.  We often listen to audio tapes that teach how to get the maximum results and benefits from the AIM products that we regularly use.  These audio cassettes are especially good while in the car on trips, too.
        Take charge of your health!  Teach yourself and you won't need to rely on others as much!
                                                                   Stay Healthy!   --Larry

Did you know… that AIM BarleyLife TM is a highly alkaline, concentrated food for your body? Regular consumption can help you become less acidic (that’s healthy!) and even help curb your appetite at the same time, while giving your cells the nutrition they need. Better yet, when mixed with AIM Just Carrots TM and AIMRediBeets TM (this combination known as the Garden Trio) you get a powerful serving of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more. We use these powdered juices as our daily vitamin supplement. And they taste great!

    Healthier Eating Tips:
Transitional eating:

I titled one section in my book "Bunny Food", my husband's name of years past for raw fruit and veggies. In those days he said raw veggies tasted like dirt. To his acidic body, they did! But as he drank more fresh veggie juice, ate larger salads, increased his daily fruit intake--all while decreasing the acidic animal and processed foods--his body became more alkaline. As it did, the "bunny food" started tasting better and better. Now he loves a great big thick veggie sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch and a dinner plate size salad for dinner.
He did NOT get to this place over night. He made gradual changes, slowly increasing the raw foods while slowly decreasing the animal and processed foods. He gave his taste buds the opportunity to adapt. How about you? Have you reached a plateau? Have you grown to like your present menu and haven't really continued making changes? Don't quit! Keep making additional small changes. Go back to that section in my book and reread it for ideas you may have forgotten. Summer is the easiest time for this with so much produce available. I especially encourage you to grow some of your own without poisons. Slice or grate it raw into a salad. Be brave. Try new things. There is a world of tastes and nutrients out there. Get the benefit of them!

For additional ideas, read
The Junk Food Lover's Step-by-Step Guide to Healthier Eating, by yours truly (Carmie Jones).
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